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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blackwater Creek

After work paddle on Saturday
 Underway just after 2.
Like Friday, I headed up the Creek

"My" campsite.

I have heard the people have been working to clear the Creek upstream of Moccasin Springs.  Here is the proof.  Thank you.

This big log tree had been blocking the Creek for years.  I first encountered it Christmas, 2009.

I was now on a part of Blackwater Creek I had never paddled before.  Thanks to some hard working folks.



Another good deed

Camper has been here for awhile.  Don't think the grassy roof is factory equipment.
 The above tree stopped my up Creek paddle at 3:35.  I may have been able to push over and through some smaller branches, but I figured there would be more obstacles the further I went. Not to mention, late summer afternoon in Florida is thunderstorm time.





High water, mid day, mid summer heat and thick forest made animal sightings few.  A couple shy gators, a blue heron, a great blue heron, until.....


Perhaps the gator a few hundred yards up Creek that went under on my approach was mama



Proof I saw a blue heron

 One last patch of blue.
Last picture before the rain.  You know how it is said that when lighting flashes, count, 1-2-3, and when the thunder booms at 3 seconds the storm is 3 miles away?  I tired that.  A bright, flash, my mouth formed an "O" and CRAABOOOMAAK!!!  That was close.

Missed this new sign on Friday, and driving in, Saturday.

Turkey on the way out.

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