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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cedar Key, 7-27-14

 Sunrise.  Once again, from the sidewalk on the break wall.  I'll wait until later in the summer/early fall to get up early enough to get the kayak out for a sunrise photo. 

Some pics from docks along the break wall






I laid down for 20 minutes or so, had a leisurely breakfast, and was in the kayak at 9:45

Wanted to paddle to Seahorse Key, but a strong west wind prevent me.
 I did paddle northwest, but only as far as the end of Astena Otie Key
Which I then paddled around

 I thought of paddling to Snake Key, below.   Began to do so, but decided it was too much work, so I turned around and continued the voyage around Astena Otie Key

 These downed/drowned trees are a usual cormorant hangout on the backside of Astena Otie

 Where the seas were much calmer, in the lee of the island.
Never really knew what "lee" meant until I began kayaking around islands on windy days. I mean, I knew but it is another thing to experience being sheltered from the wind and what a difference it makes.

 If the sheltered side is the lee, is the windy side the grant?
Landed at 12:05.  Ate lunch, back on the water at 2:20.
Still breezy.  I let it push me to the Number 2 Channel

High tide. Old Fenimore Mill channel side beach is just a sand spit.
 Only picture I got in my Nature's Landing black crowned heron, rosette spoonbill spot. Saw one juve night heron
Just the prow of the wreck above waterline.  Plenty of depth to go in search of spoonbills.


Found them. Despite their best effort to hide in the mangroves.

 After awhile, the spoonies took flight  I knew where to look for more.

 Or maybe, the same flock.


 Another roost


Another group

 I heard the final group before I saw them.  Spoonbills have a distinctive honk.

Tried to record the sound  Which always shuts wildlife up.  But for flapping wings.

 I mistakenly called this the Number 3 Channel on Saturday. It is not. It is an unnamed channel.  Dave's Yak Tales is for entertainment use only.  Do not use for navigation.  This looks like a pretty accurate view  Zoom in, move the map north and you should see the Number Three Channel marked.  I came out of the channel at Dog Island.  The Number Two Channel is where the house icons are.
At high tide there is a side channel that links the channel I was in to the Number 2.  I wanted to see dolphins, so went into the Gulf.  No dolphins seen in the wind driven waves.

Wind gauge at the NOAA CMAN site.   I swear they were spinning. Camera is better than I thought.


 Ready to land.  Saw a plastic bag against the break wall.  And saw the view below
Nice way to end the afternoon paddle.  Landed at 4:10
 Spoonbill souvenir
Left over pizza enhanced with clams, red onions, and cheddar.

 Off for a sunset bike ride



 The end of airport road.
Pedaled back a little bit
 A little bit more....
This is the spot




Biking back to Park Place 


 I was on the other side of the above landmass at sunset


Stop, look both ways
Outer ramp
 Inner ramp
Back "home" 8:52"

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