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Cedar Key Sunset

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cedar Key, Last Day....this trip

 Slept in, Tuesday, July 8.  Did not begin the last day walk until 8:00 AM




 Catch of the morning



Hidden courtyard behind City Hall, and the Police Department




 My balcony

A huge redfish at the mouth of the Nature's Cove channel.  An angler at the dock on the Number 2 Channel said it is legendary.

 Kayak rack at Park Place

Half of breakfast.  Had clams left for 2 or three more meals during the week.
 Checked out, moved the car for the first time since I arrived on Friday afternoon.  On the water at 11:35.  After a short delay.   Tom, the rental guy, asked me if I wanted one of his stickers.  Yes I did. Needed to cover up the Green Wave Forum sticker.   A group that I was once a member of, but has lost its way.

 Lightning cut the paddle short after just over an hour.   I could have left, got home early, taken a real shower before work.  Or, stay at City Park, watch the Gulf, and have a quick rinse at an outdoor shower.
I choose the later. It never rained.  I dodged rain the entire long weekend.  The two times I needed no rain, Friday night for the fireworks, Saturday for the long paddle to Seahorse Key and back,  it did not rain.

I'll be back.


Luis said...

This comment may or may not sound funny but I mean what am going to say. You should be named Cedar Key Ambassador or Delegate, or something. I cannot think in someone doing a better job to promote Cedar Key than you.

Dave said...

Cedar Key Kayaker?