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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cedar Key Monday

Up to catch the sunrise.  The above pic is 14 hours later, sunset.







After breakfast, on the water at 9:20.
Just the prow of the wreck visible, time to find roosting spoonbills.







Looks like rain

Saw a sea turtle


It rained hard.
 View from the balcony, after it stopped.   Standing water in the Park.
Back in the yak.





University of Florida, Seahorse Key boat.

I figured it the big UF boat could make it through the shallow channel, so could I.

 I did. Barely. Which is why the boat docked where it did.


Dolphin at Cemetery Point.












Landed at 3:10
Remember the soaked Park?  All dry.  Not even a squish as I walked across.
 After riding out the late afternoon heat, back on the water at 6:35



Sunset time




 If the manatee that was in the area had poked its head up, I would have had a really good photo.




 Landed at 8:50
 For some reason, my legs wanted to stay in paddling position.
I got up to eat.


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