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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cedar Key Sunday

Up with the sunrise, Sunday.



On foot, not kayak.

Nothing like clams and gator and red snapper for breakfast
 Must have been choppy as I launched, as I don't have the usual first pic from the beach shot.
High tide, time to look for roosting roseate spoonbills.

Found them






Always good to have a landmark 

 Number 3 Bridge

Too early in the day to look like this.
 Turned my head for a brighter view
Cemetery Point

 Tide beginning to go out. Spoonbills and an oyster catcher on an oyster be.

The threatening skies opened up.  Fortunately, I was near Old Fenimore Mill, so I landed there.

Stood on the cover dock until it let up.  Choppy on the Gulf, so I wheeled the yak back to Park Green.  About 3 blocks.
 Inside when it came down hard

Clearing skies
 Time for a bike ride.



 Osprey thinks, "All my life I've lived in a nest atop a tree. Now this would be nice!"


Build a deck, save a palm.
 Cemetery Point boardwalk



On one of my first visits to the boardwalk, I saw a spoonbill.  Not sure if I have seen one since.  So, this was nice.

 This is cool.
 Never saw one before

Box turtle, I thought.  I knew I could verify it later.
 fiddler crabs







 Verified my box turtle.  Park Place has a wall of nature information.

A two hour or so break in the AC, back on the Gulf at 6
Atsena Otie Key




Paddled around the Key






 Ruins of the original town of Cedar Key

I did not abscond with any artifacts.
Older then the 19th century pencil factory remains.  Native American shell midden.
Across the water, present day Cedar Key

Paddling along the beach, I saw a sandal, beer car, a water bottle.  Damn people, no respect for a wildlife refuge.  What about you,  Dave?
 I landed, and picked it up
Walked the beach, picking up more.

End of the sand


19th century railroad ties.  What else could they be?



 5 to 8. Thirty five minutes to kill until sunset
 Unless the weather kills me first.
As on Saturday night, a storm came in just before sunset. Two-three foot swells, which is big for Cedar Key  No pictures until after I landed.

As I wheeled then kayak to Park Place, a police sergeant lowered the City Park place to half staff.  Why? I asked.  "Mr. Hodges died".   Cedar Key mayor, and long time state representative.  From an old Cedar Key family.  The Cedar Key State Museum is on Hodges St. 
Colorful character
But, what do you expect from Cedar Key?

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