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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cedar Key

Out from behind the desk in Orlando at 4:26, taking pictures of roseate spoonbills from the Number 4 Bridge boat ramp, 155 miles later, at 6:50.
 On the water at 7:06

Tide low and getting lower

Tasty treats in the mudflats and oyster bars








 Black crowned night herons

I choose the wrong side of a mud bar and had to walk for a while.
 If any one asked, I was just stretching my leg.  Nobody around to ask

Sunset obscured by clouds
I made do




 Approaching the ramp, 8:33.   About 3 feet more of ramp than when I left.
Approaching the Island Pizzeria medium combo pizza, 9:36.  Ordered from the ramp before I loaded the kayak.  Ready when I arrived.  This is why portable telephones were invented. Unit 331 at Park Place has an oven.  Handy for keeping pizza warm as I climbed up and down the stairs and got situated.

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