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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cedar Key

Saturday morning, up to greet the sunrise

The sun stayed in bed



Dog Island



Something large roiled the water behind me as I paddled on the back side of Dog Island.  Likely the dolphin that surfaced 40 yards I front of me a few minutes later




Into the channel at Scale Key.  Wondering if  eagles have returned.
 No activity at the nest


Low tide in the Number 2 Channel


  Much better picture than Friday night's spoonbill. Time to head home. My home away from home, that is.





Landed at 9:12


2nd floor unit, so no loft.  I got it for the balcony.

End unit, so it wraps around

 Back on the water at 11:40

 High tide in the Number 2 Channel.  Time to find roseate spoonbills.
Took 3 minutes





High tide means you can paddle through this opening into the adjacent channel
 And more spoonbills
And ibis


How did the original inhabitants find their way around without the water tower?
 Black shape is a redfish tail

 Bald eagle in tree on Scale Key

 Number 3 Bridge



 Cemetery Point






There are plenty of sunken boats in the waters of Cedar Key.  This is a recent addition.

 Began the afternoon paddle with high tide and spoonbills in the mangroves.  Nearing the end with tide going out and a spoonie in the shallows



Landed at 3.   A brief shower fell.  When I was inside.
Got on the bike shortly before 5 to go to Sandy's Produce for dinner supplies.  Back tire was low. Had to be a slow leak at the valve.  The twisty thing had broke off the last time I road it. Which was my August trip to Cedar Key.  Trying to pump up the broken valve only caused the remaining air to whoosh out.  I have a spare, but was worried Sandy's might close at five.  And I could get there faster walking the not as scenic route.

The scenic route is along the Gulf.  It drizzled as I walked.. Good for roadside wild flowers
 Drat. Must be on vacation


 The birds were at a bridge that is too low, and water too shallow, to paddle under.
The cormorant was on the other side.


Went into the Market.  Nothing said 'Buy me"  I decided I'd order a pizza.

 6:30, back on the water.
Aestena Otie Key
 Getting wavy





 I was in a good spot for sunset.  If I did not have a long paddle back to the beach.
 I had to look back to catch sunset

2-3 foot waves.

 A dolphin pair, mother and calf, swam near me for a while.  No pics.


Paddled backwards for the bow in the sunset view

 Landed just before 8.  Called Island Pizzeria.
Dinner on the balcony, 8:35

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