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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lakes Virginia and Mizell

The oil change place I have been visiting since my job location moved 2 years ago has also moved.  So, no I have no place to go on my route home from work.  So, I thought, the place on Fairbanks Ave in Winter Park is near Dinky Dock, and the bays of plenty of clearance with a kayak on the roof.  Work bays.  So I got my oil changed and headed to Dinky Dock.  Where one paddle board outfitter truck blocked the first 4 parking spaces and another was on the beach.  I told them I thought I was in Daytona. It was not meant as a compliment.
 On Lake Virginia at 9:20.
I think the fake owl is not working.

To Lake Mizell








I was accompanied by a lone fishing boat on Mizell





Back on Lake Virginia


Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour pontoon



Landed at 10:30
The paddleboard company that parks on the beach. Something to consider if you are into that.

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