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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Seminole State Forest

I did not change the flat tube on my bike, or go kayaking, Sunday.  Did not think either would be a good idea with my world spinning around.  Rolling over from side to back in the tent, the tent was moving.  No wind, and I only had two beers all day Saturday.  Even worse, going to the outhouse and having the dizzy sensation while walking.  Until I fell.  I got up, took care of business, and went back in the tent.  To have it move when I lay down. That was 5 AM, or so.  Out of the tent for good just after 7.  Slowly packed, then went for a short walk.
  8:30 AM stroll
Oaks Pond

I did not fall.
 Left the site, leaving some firewood I had brought.  I had used a part of a pile at the site.  Must have left mine on an ant pile.  Having just gotten rid of one infestation in the car, I did not need another. These were bigger than the airport ants.
Stopped at Moccasin Spring.
As measured by the fire ring, the Creek continues to fall. About the weather, it dropped to 62 overnight.  Lowest temps since the spring time.
Speaking of spring, I paid a visit to Sharks Tooth Spring.


 The new kiosk at the launch now has information

Poster gal, Joanne B.

Would have been a great day to kayak. 
 Locking the gate behind me.
Bear Pond.
At home, lay down for a nap.  Room spun.  Again when I turned in for the night.  If it happens tonight, Monday, I'll make a doctor appointment tomorrow morning.  Alert Homeland Security.  I last saw a Dr. 9-11-2001.


A3 said...

Hi Dave,

Too bad 'the spinning round'. Did not know the water could drop that fast!


Dave said...

What goes up, must come down, spinning wheel, got to go round....a little Blood Sweat and Tears flashback