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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wekiva River, Blackwater Creek, October 25, 2014

Eye had to work Saturday, to make up for Monday at Cedar Key.
 Set out from Katie's Landing at 12:45

Usual down the Wekiva paddle.



An "E" is missing.





Hoping for some excitement    But, it did not jump in.
Tiny gator, big eye

 Damsel flies.  Do not recall seeing green ones before.




Blackwater Creek entrance, above



Someone at my break spot.

Several someones

 No one was there.  Wonder if they were back in the woods, poaching.  This part of Blackwater Creek is in Lower Wekiva River State Preserve.  No hunting allowed.  I could be wrong. Maybe they were just bird watching.  But an empty liquor bottle, fishing poles, and motors has me leaning to poaching.
 Too lazy and cheap to get a 5 dollar campsite on the Wekiva or $10 site in the Seminole State Forest.  I have no problem with real stealth camping.  Being unobtrusive and having a small footprint.  This is not stealth camping.
 I turned around.






 Took a shortcut to the Wekiva


 Saw no paddlers.  A few motorboats.  All slowed down.









 Landed just after 6.
Kiosk for the Look at the Front of My Kayak Facebook page.

Went for a short walk

Turned back at the first junction.  Looking for deer, or maybe a bear, down all three ways one could walk.

 About a 12 minute jaunt.  I told you it was slow.  At the end, a dirt service road intersects the trail.
A path for deer.
 Last two photos, from the car.

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