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Cedar Key Sunset

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas From Cedar Key

Santa sunrise
 I was on the water before sunrise. 7:12 AM. Mr. Claus had been working all night

Big chimneys in the distance. Crystal River power plant.


 Sunrise was at 7:24


Distant chimneys. Crystal River power plant



 Tide much too low to paddle past the wreck





 Landed at 8:20
 No presents under the tree for me
View from the balcony of room 331
 10:41, a bike ride begins



Cemetery Point boardwalk

 Evidence of a fire.  Looked like a prescribed burn, as it was on one side of the sidewalk.  Something a wildfire could easily cross. It was
 Always good to visit family on Christmas.   Actually, no relation.  So far as I know.

"Meet You At The Dock"



Tombstones are fascinating bits of history
 Some more recent


 "Baby O'Neal"
"Boy-Girl O'Neal"

 Back biking

 Warning/Memorial. Pilots may lose your horizon taking off over the Gulf.

A welcome sight after a bumpy flight


 Catch of the day

 Shell Mound
Low tide

"A little help!"

Santa with his sleigh
 Note to self. Hit the save key before taking a shower. 1-5-15
 Landed at noon, had lunch, headed to Astena Otie Key at 1:35


Looking for eagles



 Landed, walked the trail into the inteerior




 A list of the interred.
This is where I was when the system crashed this morning. View from the back of the grave yard






Industrial ruins



Santa was waiting


 Number 2 Channel


In the black crowned night heron rookery
 With great egrets and ibis

 Santa had to be careful his stocking cap did not get caught in the mangroves














Landed just before 6.


A3 said...

Nice picture Santa!

Dave said...

Sinterklaas says thank you now that his Black Peter (aka yakdave) has completed this Tale