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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cedar Key

On the Gulf at 7:10 AM.

Following a dolphin into the Number 2 Channel

By moonlight

All the way to the Number 2 Bridge. 
Where I got some more video





Number 3 Bridge
 Tide was out, so I did not go very far.


 Scaup, mostly.  A few blue winged teal mixed in.


 The teal have the white ring on the nose.  And blue wing feathers, but I was not close enough.



Belted kingfisher

 Told you tide was out. Wreck in the Number 2 Channel waaay above the water line.


Low tide kept be far from the big pine with the eagle's nest on Scale Key.

Landed on the island 2 keys north of Scale Key.  I heard voices. Thought they were coming from a fishing boat.  As I got out of my kayak, I saw it was a group of kayakers right behind be.  Jeez, you can't land someplace else when I need to pee?

The group walked the other way
 Shells from thousands of meals over the millennia


 The Cedar Keys has been a transport hub since before the lighthouse was erected on Seahorse Key in 1854, through the first cross state railroad in the 1860's, to passenger jets today.  They must use it as a landmark, jutting of the coast.  Those aren't clouds, they are fading contrails.


 Back on the water
 Clam leases





Black skimmers, skimming.


Landed at 12:26.  Let the tide come in, and allowed time for my room to be ready
 30 minutes later, I was on my patio at Park Place.

Patio, not my usual balcony.  This Cedar Key trip was a late Friday afternoon decision.  This time of year, Park Place raises its prices.  I called Pirates Cove and Mermaids Landing, which are less expensive, but they were sold out.  Park Place's website states 2 night stays are required February through May. I asked if I could just stay for one night. Helps to be a frequent guest.
 Room 132

 Checking on the kayak as I biked to Sandy's Produce.


There were five or six osprey on the water tower

Sandy's Produce.  I come for the seafood.

I forgot butter, so finally bought a Cannon's product.  No relation.  Sandy travels to Plant City for her produce, as well as a variety of Cannon's goods.
 Back in the kayak, 4:35

 Tide up a couple feet since the morning

 Snowy egrets flying out of the mangroves. As well as a couple spoonbills and several black crowned night herons.
Tight quarters, so it is difficult to sneak up on them

 A few night herons stayed put




Time for sunset








Landed at 6:45
Dinner of pasta with clams and sea trout.  In lots of Cannon's butter.  I do not recall having sea trout before.  Red color, very tasty.

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