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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cedar Key

 Robins through the widow of my room at the High Springs Country Inn
 Went outside

 You know you are in a small town when a dirt lane intersects the highway

Took a while to find the pileated woodpecker.
followed the sound

 The walk  began just after 7:30. Checked out shortly before 11, on the Gulf at Cedar Key at noon

Looks like I paddled to Atsena Otie Key.  For those of you reading this, I am writing this 16 days after the event shown in the photos.  Chances are, I will still be adding photos 3 nights from now.  From, Cedar Key.


 Looking for eagles

Paddling to Snake Key

 Is that an eagle?

 It flew to another perch

Paddling through the cut in Snake Key

 Same eagle, other side of Snake Key


 The next cold front, looming. Funny, as I write 17 days later, this morning I was sweating after kayaking for the first time since last fall.




 The dock at Atsena Otie Key

 Landed just before 3.
 I had picked up my room key at Park Place before I got on the water.  There had been a mixup as to my arrival date, so I was on the 2nd, instead of the 3rd, floor. Saved a few bucks.

 But, one level, not the bed in the loft as on the 3rd foor.

 I had also stopped at Robinson's Seafood on the way in.

 Back on the water at 4:45

 Able to just get over the oyster bars in the Number 2 Channel






 Black crowned night heron







Landed at 6:43. And the post is finished before I return to Cedar Key tomorrow, March 13. Of course, I have one more day from this visit to share.

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