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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cedar Key

Mermaid's Landing is about a mile on the beach.   Less expensive than my usual spot, Park Place which has higher rates during winter.  So, I had to drive a mile to the beach.
On the Gulf at 7:34 AM




 Sun views may be out of order as I had two cameras.


University of Florida, Seahorse Key Research boat in the Number 2 Channel.
 Eagle on the oyster bar a the wreck
 Flew away
 Another landed

The first came back


I can now add bald eagles to the roseate spoonbills, dolphins, white pelicans, and manatees I have seen in the Number 2 Channel

 One of my spoonbill/black crowned night heron spots


 Oyster catchers


Oyster catchers

Distant white pelicans




Back under the Number 3 Bridge






 Mermaid's Landing.  I did not have the waterfront cottage.  Which is mudfront at low tide


 I have stayed in the above water front cottage.  Pirates Cove.  Sold out this weekend


Landed at 9:30. Left car and kayaked at the beach.  Biked back to my lodging.

Foreshadowing my next trip

Tour of grounds at Mermaid's Landing


Working artist across the street. Had a nice chat. http://flyingfrog.com/
 Back in the yak around 1:20

 My, what big feet you have.

 Blue on blue


I think the bird just has its head down.  I hope.



Don't recall rain.  Maybe the drop is from waves as I pulled into the beach at.4:00
Took a second to remember where the above photo is from. The kitchen widow of my cottage

View from my door.  Trees block the view.


Bike ride

I have not watched the sunset from here. A good spot, this time of year.  But for the clouds



 Public art is a public good

 Back at Mermaid's Landing, 6:55


Luis said...

You should not have to pay whenever you stay at Cedar Key. If the Chamber of Commerce there has an idea of how things are they would name you Ambassador. I cannot think of a better way to promote Cedar Key than your posts on Dave's Yak Tales. At least that is the reason I visited there and the reason I plan to go back.

Dave said...

Thank you, Luis. Ambassador is a lofty title. Perhaps Kayak Konsul.