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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gum Slough

It had been 2 years since I had kayaked Gum Slough.  Time to get some new material for Protect Gum Slough  So off to Inverness, Florida and the Withlacoochee River.
 Onto the Withlacoochee River from the ramp at the end of Citrus County Road 561
 aka, Turner Camp Road

 Down the broad With



 Potts Preserve Camp site
 People, including me, have camped here for thousands of years.  There is a large shell mound.
The mouth of Gum Slough is across the River

Like the rest of Central Florida, the Withlacoochee is high for this time of year.  Its brown waters extend far up the Slough and the surrounding cypress swamps.



 The only home on Gum Slough



 Over a spring in the Slough

At the start of the Slough.  Go right and there are one, maybe two springs. Two or three homes.  As the homes are on the springs, my earlier statement about one home on the Slough, is in my judgment, correct. Sometimes the water level is too shallow to paddle into the other springs, which are a straight shot up the end of Gum Slough

 Deep  enough to paddle today.  Took a few pics over the side.  Then, I anchored, off shore, and got in the spring.

I did not put my flippers on.  To not stir up the bottom

Using flippers does help against the force of upwelling water in a spring
Sadly, full of algae

 Out the sometimes too shallow channel

To the other springs
 Hand over the side


 Time to head down Gum Slough

I have scraped the bottom on the limestone a few times when the Slough was low




 Inside the cypress tree










When I see this picnic table, I know I am almost back to the Withlacoochee River
 Entering the With
 Not a cousin

Pee break at Potts Preserve. No one camping.



Must  hate the trees. Why put nails in them?


 Turners Fish Camp appears to be abandoned and for sale.

 Landed at 3:30
 Citrus County courthouse

Fort Cooper State Park. First visit.

Deer tracks 

  Lake Holathlikaha
I did not paddle. For some reason, you can only paddle the Park canoes on the Lake
 New kiosk. Not yet unveiled.



 A representation of Fort Cooper.  Seminole Indian War. The second conflict, I think.




Leaving the Park, 5:30 PM


Jim holsten said...

Hello Dave, I enjoy reading your posts about Weeki Watchee. We are in the process of buying a home on one of the canal's off of Mud River...off of Colony Circle. I'm trying to find the history of this area...when the "lagoons" or canals were made, who made them etc. Do you know of any websites where I could find historical information?

Dave said...

Jim, I do not know. Perhaps there is a historical society in Hernando County. Maybe a search of property records, chain of title, permit applications would provide an answer.

Greg Johnson said...

Great stuff Dave. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to a trip up Gum Slough in a few weeks. Thanks to your post and numerous pictures I know pretty much what to expect. I'm gonna get lost! JK thanks again.

Dave said...

Getting lost is half the fun. The other half is finding the correct channel. I've had a few extended adventures on Gum Slough. People have tied ribbons here and there, for directional help. Wimps.

dylan said...

Hey Dave! Driving to Tampa, and googled Gum Slough. Saw your link on this blog, and what a cool adventure site. Great pics! Hope you're still adventuring! -Dylan

Dave said...

Dylan, I am AA. Always Adventuring. Posting this comment from Sanibel.