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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lake Norris and Blackwater Creek

I was thinking of going to the Rainbow River on this day, Saturday, March 7, 2014, and paddling Lake Norris on Sunday.  Until I saw that a bluegrass band would be performing at the East Lake County Library, Saturday.  A Blackwater Creek double header was the thing to do.
 On Blackwater Creek at the Lake Norris Conservation Area at 7:08


Blackwater Creek was deep enough that I had no issue with the many submerged logs just below the surface.

Lake Norris

It was windy
 The cypress trees that ring Lake Norris offer some protection from the wind
 And homes for osprey




In addition to the osprey nests, there is a great egret rookery on Lake Norris


Take a bow







 Camp LoCheNa,  Boy Scouts, swim raft

 There is a spring, near the camp. I have yet to locate it.

The campground is a bit less than half way around Lake Norris.  I decided to keep paddling onward.





 There are 6-10 homes on the Lake


 Return to Blackwater Creek




 Back to the launch site. Kept paddling.
Wanting to prove the sign wrong

 Everywhere a sign
Good deed for the day

Could have gone further, but I had things to do.

 Landed at 11:30
Not much of a crowd.  I saw one, maybe two boats on the Lake.
One thing I had to do was eat lunch. They had brats at the East Lake County Bluegrass Festival/

Just one band. Blackwater Creek
 The event was at the library in the little town of Sorrento.
 I thought Blackwater Creek was pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0ygqo11wwg


Books and baked goods were for sale.  I looked at both, bought brownies and chocolate chip cookies.
And this hat, at the booth Lisa K.D. was running for the Chamber of Commerce.  I had meet Lisa on Rock Springs Run a few weeks before.  Saw her post about the event on her FB page.  So, if not for kayaking, and social media, I would not have known about Blackwater Creek, the bluegrass band. They will be playing at another event at the library on May 16.  The East Lake Heritage Festival. 
I think I will kayak, catch the second set, and Bill Belleville's presentation.  Then, I will have 2 and a half hours to kill before day 2 of the Mount Dora Blues and Groove Fest.  I think I will kayak. John Mayall is the headliner. http://bluesandgroove.com/

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