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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rock Springs Run

After 4 days kayaking in the Florida Keys, and my sister's wedding, I had to ease back into the work mindset.  So, I worked a half day, Tuesday, March 24, and went to Wekiva Springs State Park.
 On the Wekiva River at 2:15
 My first swallow tail kite of the season
 The sign states:  No Trespassing, No Climbing.

 I may have told them I hope they break their necks.

 Limpkins on Rock Springs Run


Snow!   Maybe.....not.  Pollen, perhaps.

 Hidden gator


When I took the picture, I only noticed the orange
 Not the blossom


Turned around at 4:42


Go with the flow


More snow 



 Turkey at Indian Mound




Tree, without jumpers.  Climbing it damages the ferns and can cause injury to paddlers below.

Landed at 7:25

 A deer, as I left the Park


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