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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wekiva River and Blackwater Creek

Had to work Saturday morning to make up for the half day on Tuesday. It had been a long 2 and a half days since I was in the kayak.
 On the Wekiva  River at Katie's Landing. 12:58

Usual down River paddle to start

 Across from Katie's.

 A kayaker ahead.  An angler?
 No, Luis, of Views From Our Kayak
A much better photographer than I.
Even with limited subject matter

 Hidden gator

Luis told me about an open channel that I had not paddled before.



Blackwater Creek




 Back to the Wekiva


Speaking of Luis, he posted a similar photo to the one above a while back.  I had to ask where it was. Memory is first to go.

Landed at 6:17

To a noisy sand hill crane
Later, at home

No idea where, or why, but fireworks are always cool.

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