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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wekiva River and Blackwater Creek

Could call this a Blackwater Creek triple header weekend.  The Lake Norris end and bluegrass band of the same name, Saturday, the Wekiva River end today, Sunday, March 8 2015
 Under way from Katie's Landing at 8:22.  Or, maybe 9:22. It usually take me a day or four to reset the camera clock.
Down the Wekiva River.

In the channel on the west side of the Wekiva.

 This allows you to avoid the homes on the east bank

You reenter the main channel at an island, paddle past a couple homes.  Once past Wekiva Haven, you are in the Lower Wekiva River State Preserve.  No homes.


It is good thing I post some photos on my Facebook page the same day I paddle.  Because I can go back and see I wrote that I saw a bald eagle.  Flying over head.  Did not get a photo




Entering Blackwater Creek 

Bartram's air plant. Named for the 18th century botanist, explorer, author, and paddler,  William Bartram.


 Turned around near the alligator

 I am not the only mammal that uses this spot for a potty break.  Unlike the bear, I just did Number 1.  I have seen a bear cross the Creek, here.



Barred owl



 Joanne B. would have taken a better snake photo




 Sometimes, the turtle slides off the log


 Landed at 2:30.  Told the boaters if I was drinking on the River I would be less obvious.  Three violations here.  Also swimming in a no swim area

Went for a walk.

 Azaleas at the ranger's house
 What made these tracks
This did

A forty minute walk.



1 comment:

Luis said...

Common sense is not too common these days. Yeah...let's go and drink in the river, also go for a swim since we are here. Human beings, in general, suck big time. Nice boats and all but cannot read the rules. However, I think they do know the rules Master Dave. They just do not give a darn.