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Cedar Key Sunset

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cedar Key

Memorial Day

 6:24 AM at Mill Dam Lake



Making the drive to Cedar Key. Marion County Road 326
 Stop at Southern Cross Seafood
 Room 331 at Park Place was ready upon my arrival
Unpacked, ate lunch, did some Yak Taleing, and was on the water at 1:55



 Roseate spoonbills



 Oyster catchers









 Southern Cross Seafood, from the water












Landed at 5:15

 On the balcony of 331 less than 15 minutes later. Would have been sooner but there were flags to photograph on Memorial Day.

 Had dinner.  As I write on June 27, I forget what the main course was.  I do recall stone crab.  And thinking, next time, Florida lobster.  Easier to eat.  Even with the unit having a cracker.
 Back in the kayak at 7:15
As stated before in these pages, no place does holidays better than Cedar Key.


 Roseate spoonbills on the Number 2 Channel oyster bars



 With brown pelican






Landed at 8:25
Having a beer at 9

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