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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Little Sarasota Bay

Morning walk about the grounds at the Ramada Inn



These photo were taken just before 10. Must have been after breakfast. Typical hotel spread. Free.
I was in a privately owned room.  The VRBO site said the breakfast was $5. No one asked. I did not volunteer.
Turtle Beach. Gulf one side, turn around
Put in canal side



 Enjoy, but don't do a lot.  Besides, kayak
 The Gulf is on the other side of the dune
 Jim Neville Marine Preserve

As I download these photos more than a month after I took them, I recall it was windy on Little Sarasota Bay.  Good thing there were wind sheltered mangrove islands to explore.

Mangrove tunnel


I want to live here

 Green heron chicks in the mangroves at the end of the canal/lagoon



Landed at 2:45

 Beach walk
Brief snorkel
 Not much to see.  A few small shells on a sandy bottom.  My camera was working.
Headed home at 3:30, ready for the next Yak Tale.

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