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Cedar Key Sunset

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spruce Creek

In a groovy new used kayak.
 Despite all the kayaking photos I post on Facebook, I am anti, or maybe asocial.  I belong to two groups.  My high school class, and the Church of the Double Blade Paddle.  The latter was a cozy group of 100 or so tree huggers when I was asked to join.  It has exploded to over 7000 members.  I have thought of leaving, but then I would not have seen a post about a used kayak for sale.
 I messaged Brenda, the owner, asked if it had been sold.  No, and she was nice enough to hold it for me until I returned from Cedar Key
So, on a Thursday, after work, I drove to Daytona Beach and picked up a 13 foot Perception Sport. And two paddles, and dry bags and a cover, and a spray skirt, and a pump, and a paddle leash, and more.

 I headed south on U.S. 1 to Spruce Creek.  Same place I paddled my Tsunami back in 2009.  Missed the put in, had to double back.

Only on the water for 20 minutes, maybe 15.

A short paddle is better than no paddle.  I read reviews of  the kayak.  All said it does not track well. Here is an example    This makes me really appreciate the skill of Luis, of http://viewfrommykayak.blogspot.com/  who has the same kayak.   My Pungo tracks better, my Riot Voyager is worse. My fleet is now 4.  5 if you include a leaky Sun Velocity.

Anyone have a trailer for sale?

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