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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sanibel Sunday

Sunday, did a car bike shuttle to launch from the little park at the end of Dixie Beach Blvd on Sanibel.
No parking without as resident pass. So, I drop the kayak bike to Jerry's grocery leave the car, and bike back.

 On the water, Pine Island Sound, at 10:25

One camera was still on supervivid setting from the prior night's sunset


If you are going to build a house on a point, put a hole in the wall so hurricanes blow through.


 Tarpon Bay islands









 Cormorant still there











 Landed at 1:50
 Bike to the car
Ready to roll.  4 wheel style.
 To the beach, lighthouse, and fishing pier.
 Can't say I was sad to see a jet ski on its side.


 Lots of bait




3:40 on the road home