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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, June 21, 2015


 On the water at the Chassahowitka River Campground at 8:44 AM on Sunday, June 21.

Greeted by otters



For some reason, I usually do not see a lot of turtles on the Chaz. 

Yellow crowned night heron

 Boat house which has been on the Chaz longer than I,(2005) is sliding into the River.

Sad. Dead dolphin


The Chassahowitzka and its tributaries have a different manatee season.  I think it is because they use the many islands, tidal, and spring fed creeks as a travel corridor through the summer.

There was a time, when I was narrower and my then kayak wider, that I got out at the Dog Island Dock.


 Crawford Creek

 Blue Run enters Crawford Creek just upstream of the "houses". As I had not paddled up Blue Run in a while, I decided to do so.

Had to get out of the kayak

 Blue Spring. Wanted to get out of the kayak

 I snorkeled.



Traditional Sunday lunch when I work on Saturday
Scarfed down the first half of the Publix sub on the way to Haulover Canal on Saturday. Online ordering from work is wonderful.


 Back in the Refuge. Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge

 Back on the Chaz.







Potter Creek

Potter Spring
 Behind Potter Spring you will find Ruth Spring Run
 Which leads to, Ruth Spring





Ruth Springs is one of the prettiest paddles I do.

Back on Potter Spring.


 Down Potter Creek





Paddlers on the Chaz. Must be getting near the Campground. Which is the only place to put in on the Chaz and its tributaries.

 Crab Creek


One of the Crab Creek Springs

The dead dolphin. My first thought was, some idiot dragged it here.
 When I asked the kayak rental guys, they said someone called Fish and Wildlife, who arrived quickly, and went out to get it.  A necropsy would be done, later.
 Landed at 4:35.
A final look at the Chasshowitzka after loading the kayak.

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