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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lakes Maitland, Nina, Minnehaha and Howell Branch Creek

Took the newest used kayak out on a true shakedown cruise.   As I only paddled 20 minutes the night I bought it. Under way from Fort Maitland Park at 8:19. The above photo is the first one I took.

 Paddled to Dog Island


People who visit Dog Island are lazy ass slobs. Can't pick up after themselves.  The City of Maitland sends a boat out to pick up the trash.  I've told the city employee he has the best garbage route in town. Beats holding on the back of a truck

 Paddled to the cypress trees that mark the Maitland-Winter Park border.
Where osprey nest

 And anhingas  roost


 Isle of Sicily bridge


Across the Lake
 To Howell Branch Creek







Lake Nina 


Lake Minnehaha








Landed at 10:35

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