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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, June 15, 2015

Ormond By The Sea to Cedar Key

Sunrise, Atlantic Ocean, 6:33 AM
 On the beach, almost, at 6:25 AM

Ate breakfast, discussed when I would be back, at a reduced rate, with the owner, and headed west on Highway 40 to Cedar Key.
With a stop at Wildcat Lake in the Ocala National Forest. In the kayak at 10:04.





 Landed at 11:30
Stopped at Robinson's Seafood on the outskirts of Cedar Key and bought some.  When I arrived at Park Place, their were people in front of me.  A group that had been at Robinson's.  Stephanie, of the motel, reached over them and handed me the room key. Now, that's service.
2:06 PM on the balcony at Park Place
In the kayak at 3:20.  A manatee was near the docks.  First one I've seen in this area.

 Number 2 Channel




 Dolphins off Cemetery Point






 A new wreck


Landed at 4:55. Dinner, back on the water from Airport Road at 7:40 
Several sea turtles popped their heads out of the water as I paddled to the tip of the Key.






Landed at 8:50
Back at 331, Park Place, 9:20.

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