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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, June 27, 2015


5375 Looking out the window of my room at the Candlewood Suites in Fort Myers, 6:34 AM

Snowy egrets and a glossy ibis.  Not at Ding Darling, on the side of the road 2 blocks from the hotel.
 The yellow crowned night heron begins the photos from Wildlife Drive in the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island.  I bought a new Duck Stamp at the entry booth.  They have gone up in price. $25 from $15

 The Cross Dike Trail gate was still closed

On the water at 8:12


Just a couple roseate spoonbills in my secret spot.


Blue heron and anhinga on one of the islands across from the Wildlife Drive observation tower.






 Back at the secret spoonbill spot


 Pine Island Sound





Landed at 11:35


 Indigo Trail

Atop the tower


Biked back on Indigo Trail and stopped at the new observation tower

 A couple said they saw a nesting bird they did not recognize.
 Couldn't have been the osprey


Had to be the yellow crowned night heron

I mean, herons.


 Coming out of the Visitor Center for an AC break.  And water bottle refill.
Visit to a condo near the lighthouse


 The beach



It would have been nice to stay near the beach, but it was too hot.
 So, back to the hotel where I could watch an alligator in air conditioned comfort
These pics are through the window of my room.
 I went outside.  
Covered basketball courts
Just don't let the ball get too far out of bounds
In the kayak from Bunch Beach just after 7

 A bit wavy
 Bald eagle
 Fort Myers Beach

 Able to get a little closer to the eagle on the way back.


Tour boat off Sanibel


Last photo of the day, 8:40 PM. From shore.


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