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Monday, August 17, 2015

Cedar Lake to Milwaukee

Family at the Hollander for dinner.  Which happens to be in view of Jan D's apartment.  Jan picked me up at airport, Thursday night.  Nice symmetry to the weekend.  Brother Pete, with help from Jackie, drove me to Mitchell Field after dinner.

Not sure if Jan and Paula's crib has a view of Downer Avenue.
 Began the day the usual way

Jeff does have two kayaks, but no one cared to join me.

Thin, floating mats are the new lake toy.  Saw several of them during the weekend. I asked a resident about them.  The first ones were wrestling mats.  Now, mats are manufactured for fun on the water.

 Saturday's lunch spot



 Bird at the hot tub.
The sauna has windows. So, you can see the lake as you sweat.  They open, so you can keep your favorite beverage outside on the sill.
 The pontoon boat.


Breakfast was Saturday's leftovers. OK by me.

 Headed to Milwaukee
Good be, Oly! In front, headed for Atlanta.
 Memory lane. St. Robert.
 Hayek Drugs.  Where Bill Callaghan, myself and, others would stop on the way home from school.  For candy,
 End of an era. Accepted sale sign at the Callaghans.
Where I grew up.  My Mom sold it in 1996.  At he condo she said I had missed my sister and her family heading to Irish Fest.  Brother Pete called.  He and Jackie were going.  I joined them.

 Festival grounds on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Currach races

Sister-in[law Jackie wanted to see this band

 The fiddle player is the leader. I forget her name. May have it on a Facebook post from 2 months ago. Composing this tale on October 11

The daily parade.  Each one includes a family that is having a reunion at Irish Fest. The Dean-Cannon clan was honored in 1996.
 We had a Olympic Silver Medalist from the '96 Games lead our parade. Eric Muller. He's the tall one. Rowing.
 Outside the Festival grounds.

A light dinner at the Hollander to end an international day.  From Germany, aka Kiel, to Irish Fest, to Belgium.  Holland may be in the name but the extensive beer list is largely Belgian.

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