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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cedar Lake

Our host for the weekend.  Jeff's home is not a dive. The opposite. In every way.
After he made us some fine omelets, us being just Jeff and I, as Oly and Mark left early for the PGA, I took one of the kayaks out for a spin.

Underwater. Just the camera



I was about to land, but saw Zak working, so I headed back out.  Just kidding.  I helped rake up seaweed.

Cooling off after a sauna

Jan D. had arrived.  He picked me up at the airport, Thursday night.  Thanks again

I refer the Jacuzzi to the sauna.
Jeff, Jan, and I took a driving tour of the Manitowoc and Sheboygan County countryside.  I forgot the camera.  Had a nice lunch across the lake from Zaks.  I had pulled pork tacos.
This beer is back at Zak's.  Oly and Mark were back from Whistling Straits.

Missing, and missed, were Tom M., Kevin K., and Steve R.  Meet these jokers, I mean gentlemen, at the University of Wisconsin in 1978.  Except for Steve R., who I met in 7th grade.



 Pontoon cruise

Somebody's fire. We had one too.  After we landed.

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