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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sanibel Sunday August 23

On the Tarpon Bay, from the Tarpon Bay Explorers launch at 9:14   Pat, Eileen, and Jack were at Mass.


Islands in the middle of Tarpon Bay







Landed at 10:45
And got Jack and his parents ready to kayak. Jack got to use my second kayak

His parents had to use rentals
 We did not get the family discount

I asked if the trio wanted to paddle the mangrove trail, or go out to the islands, maybe seeing manatees and dolphins.  To the islands we went.





Jack took the next two photos

He did not get a picture of the dolphin that swam between us.  Neither did I.

 Landed about 12:25.
Went to the Lazy Flamingo for lunch and the Packers-Steelers game.  Jack went off on my bike.

 I always get the conch chowder. I was thinking, when I was Jack's age, I would have gone next door to Dairy Queen.  Jack came in with a cone.  Some things never change.
 I wonder in this Dave is from Oconmowoc
Hot back at the pool
 So, to the beach.

Have I discovered a secret shell pump?




I believe dolphins were sighted.


 Time to kayak, again.  From Wildlife Drive



 Alligator.  Giving me the Florida Trifecta for the day.  Alligator, manatee, dolphin.


This is one of the islands across from the Wildlife Drive observation tower






Landed at 8:05

Dinner with Pat and Eileen at the Island Cow

My first time here, if you can believe it


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