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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sanibel Sunday

 My room at the Candlewood.

 Same place I was at in June.  When I had a pond, not parking view.
Nice feature in a modern hotel.  Windows that open.

Wildlife Drive, Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.
In the kayak at 9:50.





 Took a while, but I found a spoonbill.
 Don't be this guy. Blocking the kayak launch.



 Landed at 12:55

I believe in when you land, take your kayak to the car.
 As I write two months after the fact (September 28) I think I walked from the parking lot to the new observation tower.  Too hot to bike.




Next stop, the beach

 Gopher tortoise. Tide was extremely high, so I had to get off the beach as I walked to the fishing pier






It was 3 PM.  Hot.  Only available AC was in the car.  I headed home.


Luis said...

I planned to be there this past weekend. Did not work out as I wanted. Am so looking forward to go back but for the time being your tales will have to be sufficient, and they are. Very good post. Thanks.

Dave said...

Thanks, Luis. Sorry your plans did not work out. But, Mosquito Lagoon was not a bad alternative. As for me, I just hope I am able to post the Tales from a Sanibel sojourn three weeks after this one before the annual December visit. Although, I may return before then.