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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Spent Friday night at the Castlewood Suites in Fort Myers.  My third time here, so I knew to ask for a pond view room.

 It's about 5 miles from Sanibel Island.

Ibis on Wildlife Drive
On the water at 9:15

 Looking for roseate spoonbills

Finding immature night herons



Favorite sign

 Horseshoe crab. I hope I flipped it over.


 Manatee, Pine Island Sound


Landed at 12:40

 To the beach and Lighthouse


I was at the point, as I sat by the pool, that it was time to leave and find air conditioning.  Lucky for me, my brother Pat and part of his family arrived.  Wife, Eileen, youngest, Jack. 

 Lots of sand dollars.  Baby ones, sand dimes?
Wading, not kayaking.

Photos through the screen on the lanai

Looks nice. Until a very nasty thunderstorm rolled in.  Jack was caught in it on a bike.  He got lost in the driving rain.  Good thing kids these days carry phones.  His parents went out and got him.  He was lying in a ditch.  Not because he fell off the bike.  Because he knows what to do in a thunderstorm.

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