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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, September 7, 2015

Lake Tomahawk and more, Sunday



 A short, paddle, because Pat and I were meeting his son, my nephew, Tyler, for breakfast.
 At Paul Bunyan's, of course.

Tyler came over from Eagle River, where he and his buddies had their annual NFL Fantasy Draft get together.

The advantage of not going to church.  Beat the crowd.
 I went to my church, after breakfast.

Little Lake Tomahawk
 McNaughton State Camp


 Mud Lake channel
Mud Lake



McNaughton inmate

 Prisoners can't fish beyond here. Don't know it a sniper would take them out
Camp American Legion

A look at Big Tom
 Little Lake Tomahawk landing


Little Tom on one side, Little Carr on the other. Or, is it Big Carr? Or McGrath? So many lakes.

 Back at the cabin, a guy was dropping his ski and using a canoe paddle

 View from inside the cabin. Not the eagle. That is at Lake Katherine




 First photos of an adult bald eagle for the vacation

 Another eagle




Landed at 7:25-or maybe it was 8:25, Central
Back at the cabin

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