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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, September 11, 2015

Lake Tomahawk, Mud Lake, Little Lake Tomahawk

 From the dock, before breakfast. On 11-12-15 I looked at this photo, and said, wow.

 Looking away from sunrise

On the water at 9:54. I bet it was really 8:54. Do not think I set the cameras to CDT.
The plan was to go to Little Lake Tomahawk, and Mud Lake.  I had been there twice, earlier in the week.  Once by car, the other by pontoon boat.
 Time to do it the right way.


 My first thought was, Why an outhouse so close to the water?
 Then I realized it is an ice fishing shanty


Mud Lake Channel


 Mud Lake




 Little Lake Tomahawk
 Belted kingfisher

 Davis Cottage dock?  The Gardners would know.
 The public landing at Little Lake Tomahawk.  On Bird Lake Road
 I took a walk down memory lane. The first cabin we stayed at. Then called MacDonald. 1967.
McGrath Lake

When my family stayed, the Cudworth Post cabins were named Rolfe, Hale, and Davis

I recall using this. One night when the power was out.  I learned that pumps require electrical power.

 Had lots of fun at this beach as kids. Day and night. Bonfires.

The dock removal crew offloaded old pilings at the landing.  I watched as I had a sandwich.
I asked what they did with them. "Oh, we'll just leave it at the shop"  Free old lumber.

 Camp American Legion.  A rest and rehab facility.

 McNaughton State Camp
 Correctional instiution





 Back at the cottage
 Did something for about 3 hours, probably involved bratwurst and downloading photos.
Back on the water









And so ends my last full day, Up North.

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