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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lake Tomahawk to Lake Katherine

 On the water just after 9

 The islands were Pete fished the other day, and Pete, Tommy G. and I camped in the 1970's.

 Somebody else rented the pontoon boat


Not sure where the bald eagle was headed. I was headed almost all the way across the length of Lake Tomahawk to the Hazlehurst Canal

 More money than sense.
 If you live on a lake, why build a waterfall?
I knew I was near the canal when I saw this dock.

 Canal entrance.  At one time, there was a working lock.  Now, you have to lift your kayak over the dam.


 There is a pond half way along the canal
 Lake Katherine

 The home where out family has stayed a couple times.
 The bench where I am staying is better.  Armrests with cupholders
Same paddleboat that Aidan and Jack used to fish
 Public landing and park is next door.

 It was 12:30. Lunch time
 The cabin is on the north end of the narrow bay on the far east end of Lake Tomahawk. The canal is near the bottom corner of the west end.

 Back on the water

No portage at the Lake Katherine end of the canal

I saw two deer.  Heard them first.  Deer make a sneeze sound.  Probably when they sense danger. Me. I heard the snort, looked, saw the pair bounding away.




 Portage.  Their are times, when the lakes are low, there is no water in the canal.




 Something not required in Florida.  Rails to get your boat up and down the hill


Landed at 3:30.   Went for a short walk
Black squirrel

Highway 47. The town of Lake Tomahawk is about a quarter mile up the road.



Inside kayak















Landed at 8:30

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