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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lake Tomahawk

Flew into Milwaukee after work Friday. Picked up a rental car, went to Mom's.  Where, as a few weeks ago, a Benji's corned beef sandwich greeted me. And, Mom.  Saturday, a stop at brother Pete and Jackie's to get a kayak, and then Up North.  To Minocqua for cabin keys and groceries, then to the cabin on the shores of Lake Tomahawk

 Two bedrooms.  Large bunks in one.

 On the water at 5:17. Or, perhaps, 4:17, Central

 Cabin dock, above, not to far from the public boat ramp, below

Exploring some narrow areas. Old logging canals?

 Tram posts
Back to open water


As there is no kayak bow in the frame, I must have taken these at the dock.  Landed to greet brother Pat. 


 I had bought a bunch of brats. Pat brought sirloin.  I said, the brats will keep longer.  We should have steak tonight.  And of course,corn on the cob.
And beer. Which was not enough to overcome Alabama. And now I see why.  The place mat looks like Bear Bryant's fedora.  Still, a good start to the vacation.

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