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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, September 7, 2015

Lake Tomahawk

On the water at 7:45--or maybe 6:45 not sure if I changed the time setting on the camera to Central Time.






Eagle fishing

 Not  a bad before breakfast paddle
Pat and I drove into Minocqua

 Saw deer on the way
We were in town because Pat wanted to visit the rental office to look into places to stay next summer. Being Labor Day, it was closed.  But, the trailhead for the Bearskin Trail is in the same spot. 



I turned back at this tree. Pat kept going.

 Information about sites on the trail.  The Milwaukee Road right of way.



 Minocqua Bowl. Home of the Min Aqua Bats
 Last year, on the trail with Pete and Jackie, we saw deer at the Dr. Pink house.  So, I paused for a moment.



 I call the clock, the Muskie Moon
Stopped at the Lakeside for lunch

Ate after a spirited game of bean bag toss. Or, cornhole, as the kids call it these days.
BBQ sliders

Northwoods through the dashboard

Docks taken out of Lake Tomahawk for the winter




 One of Mr. Gardner's favorite spots. Indian Mound Campground







Dolhun's Point
Pete arrived, joining Pat, fishing.

I swam.





I am wrapping up this Tale on November 4. I spent Halloween weekend at Sanibel with Pete and Pat. Who debated which brother had the better fishing success at Lake Tomahawk

 I am merely an impartial observer.

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