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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Leaving Lake Tomahawk, Lake Katherine

  Saturday morning climb up the stairs to take the garbage out.
 The motel on 47 is owned by the same people who own the cabin.
The for sale condo is in the back of the motel

 69K with Lake Tomahawk access
 Via many, many steps

 Last breakfast
 Last cabin photo
Last Lake Tomahawk photo

 State Forest Road D.  Lakes on both sidee
Lake Katherine is on Highway 51

 Taking loon pics, and a bald eagle flew overhead

Into the canal

 Looking towards Lake Tomahawk.  I took one more photo, the opener, and turned around.

 Lake Katherine end of the canal




Landed at 2:30, or maybe 1:30 Central.  Stopped at least three times on the way to my brother's (it is his kayak) to re-secure the kayak on top of the rental cars. Did not lose any of the swim noodles, and two months later, I have not heard from Budget about roof damage.

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