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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Haulover Canal

Dolphin as I began paddling in the Indian River

 Mullet Head Island

































Landed. To Wildlife Drive for a land based nature fix.


 Spoonbills and a wood stork
 And, tri colored heron
Wild Birds Unlimited trail

Raft of coots

 Crushiack Trail observation tower


Out of the Refuge, sunset over the Indian River

Playalinda Brewing Company may not be on the beach, but it is close to the water



 Seafood spread from the place that supplies Dixie Crossroads

Florida used to be a wasteland for brew pubs. Heck, growlers were not even legal until a year ago.  Nice to have one to visit after a Haulover paddle.


Luis said...

Very nice one from a nice location.

Dave said...

Thank you, Luis.