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Friday, October 23, 2015

Key West and More

Too fat and slow to properly pose with the cannons on Cannon Beach at John Pennenkamp State Park before the 10 second timer expired.

 My first time at the Park, on my way down to Key West

Channels thorough the mangroves offered a buffer to the wind


School, or scout troop
 Rental power boats to go to the reef

Kayaks for kool people




The beach at John Pennankamp Coral Reef State Park is named.....Cannon Beach!

Back on the Overseas Highway
 Seven Mile Bridge

Pigeon Key
 Bill Keogh's Paddling the Florida Keys Book revealed this launch site.  Before the sign.
 I have launched at the end of Long Beach Road on Big Pine, this spot is before you get to the end.
A bit more wind protected, I hoped.

 Interesting navigational aid. Near some homes.



 Great white heron
White legs distinguish it from the black legged great egret.

 On foot

 I think the pics above are below are an area called "Spoonbill Sound" on Cudjoe Key.  I did not see any.

Halloween tree at my sister's

The Green Parrot. I came down to Key West for two reasons.  Well, 3.  Family.  Make that 4. Kayaking.  See Buckwheat Zydeco at the Studios of Key West  Do the Zombie Bike Ride.  The latter put on by my nephew, Evan's bike shop.  This year, the ride had a band.  Revel in Dimes
performing at the Parrot  A family affair.  The drummer is Camila's (Evan's spouse) cousin.

The kids played across the street on the courthouse lawn.  Max zoom, from the bar. Monica said it was the first time Olivia, Phineas, Cannon, and Aviva, her grandchildren, had been at the same place at the same time.
 We, Monica, Bill, and I, stopped at a cheese steak place for bite
 Appropriate that Temple was on the tube


I last saw Buckwheat at Bastille Days, in Milwaukee.  Chances are the washboard player was not yet born in the mid 1980's.  He is Stanley Dural's (Buckwheat Zydeco) son.



Luis said...

Thanks for sharing Master Dave. This is one paddle I do not think will be doing any time soon.

Dave said...

It does help to have family to defray the cost of lodging--an idea, get a cabin at Bahia Honda State Park.