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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Summerland Key

 The Scott Haskell Bridge

 My sister and her husband maintain two residences.  Which comes in handy during Fantasy Fest when you can rent one out.  After spending the first two nights at Monica's in New Town, I helped prepare it for the short term visitors and we went to Bill's place in Old Town
 Bill is building a pool and fountain

 This morning, I went to Summerland Key
 My sister's first husband built this bridge from Summerland Key to Wahoo Key

Tide was rushing in. Or was it out?


 Fat Albert







 Camera held underwater


Coming in for landing

 "Road" to the Scott Haskell Bridge

Headed for my next stop

 Sugarloaf Lodge tiki bar

 No food at the tiki bar, you have to walk over to the restaurant


 Mahi sub

 I was kayaking in the Florida Keys this weekend because Buckwheat Zydeco was in town, Friday, and the Zombie Bike Ride was Sunday. The ride, put on by We Cycle, the bike shop co-owned by my nephew, Evan, has exploded in size over its short history.  It outgrew its original staging grounds at WeCycle.  It now began at Fort East Martello
 A windy White Street Pier on the way to the Fort


 My face painter did not quite get my concept of having kayak paddles as cross bones.
The crew of the Hindu, including First Dog, Finnegan, arrived in Key West from her summer port in Provincetown, MA, early in the morning.  Captain Josh told the crew they had to participate in the Zombie Bike Ride 

 My favorite bike.

 Preparing to ride
 Zombies filled all 4 lanes of Roosevelt Avenue
 Down to two lanes, than turned into downtown.


 Packed on Duval Street, I took a scenic detour

 Post ride party on Duval Street.
A three minute video of the ride.  Which I did not realize I was making.  The "arraghs" you hear are mostly from Glen, one of the Hindu crew, and Bill.   They were riding up to people watching the Ride and trying to scare them.  It worked.

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