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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Silver River

As you may know, the Silver River flows into the Oklawaha River.  So, an appropriate choice to paddle the day after my voyage on the Ock to Cannon Spring.  In the canal from Ray's Wayside to the Silver River at 8:45.
 Headed up the Silver River

Nice to see monkeys. I had not seen any my last few visits.

No fishing on the Silver River

Entering the Fort King Paddling Trail

More criminals.  Giving kayakers a bad name.

Underwater turtle

Did something I had not done before.  Landed at the former theme park. Now part of Silver River State Park. Or, is it now Silver Springs State Park?  Quick research says, now Silver Springs State Park.

Thought about taking glass bottom boat tour.  Not included in the price of admission.  Why pay, when I have a kayak?

Over the main Spring

Lunch break
 I think it was a Wawa sub.  Had half on the drive, for breakfast.

More monkeys

 Black crowned night heron

Green heron

Trade 'em in for kayaks!

 Blue heron has lunch

Fly, robin, fly!

Went to Juniper Springs after I landed


 At the entrance station, a sign. "Swim Platform Closed". Is the 80 year old structure falling... apart, I asked. No, liability reasons, was the response. A shame, said I. But....being able to swim over, and down to both main vents, without worrying about people jumping on top of you, is a good thing.
Not that anyone would have jumped on me today. I had it to myself. The spring was as clear as I have ever seen it. I like the change.

 To Fern Hammock Springs

I wonder if my battery ran out, or day light. As I have no Fern Hammock pics.  From the 17:08 time stamp, I had about 30 minutes of daylight. So, must have been batteries.  I saw  bear on the way home. Nice way to end the day.

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