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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wekiva and Little Wekiva

 Looks like I forgot my hatch cover as I launched from Wilson's Landing

Headed up the Wekiva River

Wekiva Falls is a large, private, mostly RV campground.  The "Falls" is a concrete tower in a Sulphur spring.   I swam in it over 10 years ago when the site was undergoing an ownership change and no one was around.  It now costs $8 to enter.

 On the Little Wekiva River

 Kind of awesome to get a blue heron and a buck in the same frame

 The rubber band holding the beach ball hatch cover snapped

As I post these photos 4 months later, I had a heck of a day, wildlife wise.

 I paddled farther up the Little Wekiva than I ever had before
 It is fed by several springs.  Unfortunately, the springs are on private property.

 It became too shallow to paddle, so I turned around.

 Back on the Wekiva River, I found the Twin Mounds site

Back in the yak.

 Black crowned night heron

Stream flow gauge on the right.

 Not my sandal

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