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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cedar Key February 21, 2016

 From the morning walk

 Any street looks better with a kayak

 One nice thing about not staying in the usual place.  New things to see on the last morning walk


I should hope so!
 From wood buildings with wood furniture to a wood pecker

Kayaks improve any yard

 Check out and on the water


Cedar Point in the distance.

Closer to Cedar Point. In the past, I may have called this shell lined island, Live Oak Key.  That is why Dave's Yak Tales should not be used for navigational purposes.


Always make time to visit the Number 2 Channel

 Birds were here
 Or, just above
Must have had the black tube thing on the stern


Looking at my lodgings at the Faraway Inn from the Airport Road Bridge

Cemetery Point boardwalk

 Boat cemetery

 Cedar Key School canoes

Solar panels on the Community Center

My kayak awaits

Back to the Atsena Otie Key dock

 The Town of Cedar Key, and the Faber Pencil Mill, was on Atsena Otie.  Until a hurricane.

 Sunset and moonrise.  Not a bad way to end my visit.

Dinner at Robinson's Seafood before heading home.

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