Dave's Yak Tales

Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, February 19, 2016

Crystal River and Cedar Key

 This is new, in Three Sisters Spings

 Mangrove Snapper

Three Sisters Run

Looks fun.  NOT!


 Outside of Hunter Spring

Inside Hunter Spring. Jack crevalle
 Mangrove snapper


 Manatee.  I was back in the kayak

Landed just after 12
 All my usual places in Cedar Key were booked, so I was at the Faraway Inn for the first time

 Kitchen window view

 Touring the grounds

 Not to far a walk to get on the water.
 So, I did.

Paddling past my usual launch spot, City Park Beach

Number 2 Channel


Juvenile yellow crowned night heron

Landed about 6:40

Time to steam the clams


Luis said...

Classic Dave's Yak Tales. Very good pics. I insist Cedar Key should name you ambassador and give you discounts on your stays.

Dave said...

I proudly accept your nomination!