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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ocklawha, Cannon Spring, and more

 A foggy start on the Oklawaha River.    I launched closer to Cannon Springs than I had in December.


Run to Cannon Spring

Into my Spring


 Black crowned night heron

As I write this in August, the Ocklawaha is high again, springs inundated for 3-4 years.  A dam

A bit of a rough road from the launch

Well maintained National Forest road

 Davenport was a steamboat stop on the Ocklawaha.

Took a walk on a trail.  There about 3 primitive campsites at the Landing.

 Stop at a boat ramp on my way to the Rodman Dam.

Plant control also is the reason for the drawdown.
 Rodman Dam

 They should have a kiosk mourning the lost springs, like Cannon.
Fire!   Crews were on hand.  A controlled burn.
Salt Spings

 Silver Glen Spring
Indian Mound

 Natural Well

The Yearling Trail

Florida scrub jays

 Ok, my birding friends, what is this?

 I have passed this place on Highway 19 a million times.  Stopped this trip.   I will not stop again.
Too much red neck, right wing, propaganda on the walls.  Why a business would chose to alienate over half the population is beyond me.

Other than that and thinking I will not be able to see Cannon Springs for 3 years, it was a great day.

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