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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lakes Maitland, Nina, and Minnehaha. March 30 2016

But first, Mom's Birthday Weekend
 Billy Mitchell's plane.
 Arlo, oldest grandson, his daughter, Aviva, nephew, Cannon. 

Point Beer Burger Bar
 Cousin Charlie's daughter.  Forgetting her name at the moment.   On Thursday night, she saw her Dad on his computer.  Asked what he was doing.  "Getting a flight to see Aunt Del"   "Can I come?"
 Saturday morning at brother Pete and Jackie's.

 Balmy early spring day in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
 Pete's Fleet

Only the finest at my brother's house

 Drove into town for a walk around Fowler Lake

Everything looks like a kayak during the first weekend since October 19, 2008, that I did not paddle.  Steve and Irene's wedding weekend in DC

Our Great Aunt, Mae Dean, lived on Lac La Belle

 Pete tells me this was Aunt Mae's.  When we were kids, there were apple trees

I do not recall ever seeing this ski jump, on the Waukesha-Jefferson County line.  It is the type of thing Dad would have made a detour for us to see

 Party supplies

Great grandchildren, Olivia and Phineas

 Niece, Katie.  At one point, Mom had a glass of champagne in each hand.  Eileen came to her and said, "they just told us we cant have alcohol, but can finish what is open"   Two warnings later, a show was made of removing it from the hospice cafeteria.

 Posted this in my last Tale, but it is classic

 We want cake! We want cake!  Until they found out it was carrot cake
 Aviva and Derek

Mom, Evan, and Cannon
 After party at Pat and Eileen's.
 Where I met the lovely Serena for the first time.  With her Dad, Tyler
Cannon sylin'

 Black squirrel, Pete and Jackie's yard, Sunday morning
 A bit cooler than the Florida Trail

 Went to the hospice.  Visited Mom and family.  Some had already gone to their far flung homes, others would stay longer, others were on the way.  I caught an early evening flight back to Orlando

 Now, back to the Wednesday morning paddling session

 Dummy bar.  If you hit it, your vehicle will not fit under the rebuilt covered bridge

A sad day.  Went to work.  12:30-9.  About 30 minutes after I got home, Pete called. Mom died.  At least we gave her a great sendoff.  After she and Dad gave us great lives, loves, and examples

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