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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Myakka River, Deep Hole, and more

I count 8 alligators in this photo at Deep Hole.  A sink hole at the south end of Lower Myakka Lake.   When the Lake, and River, are low, there can be hundreds of alligators here.  Water level was medium, based on experience.  So, gators were spread out over the entire Myakka River.  I do not think I am exaggerating when I say I may have seen 300 alligators during my paddle from the Park Bridge.
 Began the day with a bike ride

 Off the bike

Walk to Canopy Walkway

 Back on the bike

Cabin Road

New whatever you call the roof trim

 Had to add stairs as the cabin was raised

 Interior detail

To the ranger station for a Wilderness Permit

 Wildlife in the parking lot.
Red shouldered hawk landed.
I, launched.

 All this, and I was not yet in the Wilderness Preserve.

Lower Myakka Lake

 Deep Hole

Since the tables at the concession are for patrons, I forced myself to buy a beer to access the wi fi.

And, gator ribs.
 To the Bird Walk

As I don't see the dirty windshield, or front tie down rope, I must have been on my bike.

 A good weekend for deer.

And, me.  Lucky to get the cabin for one night.  Weekends require a two night stay. Unless, one rental ended on Friday,and the next begins on Sunday.


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