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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Silver River and More

Ooh, look at that, I say on 8-29-16 as I get to this March Tale
 On the canal from Ray's Wayside at 6:49 AM.  Being 10-15 miles away meant I did not have to wake up to early.  Although, I probably did.
 On to the Silver River

Not a monkey

The deer in the opening photo

 Into the Fort King Paddling Trail

New boardwalk under construction.

Bridge building

 Back to Ray's Wayside

2 hours between pics.  Must have gone make to Mill Dam Lake and had lunch
 Juniper Spring

I put it in my pocket

Boardwalk to Fern Hammock

 Fern Hammock Spring


 Scenic rroute

 Florida scrub jay

Silver Glen Spring

 Juniper Creek

 Little Sweetwater Spring

The edge of Sweetwater Spring Run

And so ends another day.


Luis said...

Excellent tale. The opening pic is nothing but perfect!!!!!

Dave said...

Thanks, Luis. Perfect would have been a clear reflection of the deer. I just noticed it does have a blurry reflection.