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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blackwater Creek, Lake Norris, Blackwater Creek Bluegrass at East Lake Co, Heiritage Fest, Dora Canal, Lake Dora, Lake Harris, Dead River, Petey and the Ravens, Devon Allman, Mount Dora Blues and Groove.

Longest Tale title ever. A wonderful day. Began at the Lake Norris Conservation Area and Blackwater Creek.
Blackwater Creek

 Lake Norris

Lake Norris is well know for its osprey nests.  Less well known, except for readers of Dave's Yak Tales, is the large great egret rookery.

 I turned around

Back at the rookery

 Came ashore

 Second half of the Publix sub I had on Lake Dora, Friday

Back on Lake Norris

Return to Blackwater Creek

 From Blackwater Creek, the Creek, to Blackwater Creek the bluegrass band

Next stop, the Dora Canal

Lake Dora

 It was windy, so I headed back to the shelter of the Canal

Lake Harris

Back on Lake Harris.  Which is big,over 13,000 acres.

Back in the Dora Canal

View of the Blues and Groove Fest from across the water.

 Scenic stroll to the show

 Petey and the Ravens

Looked like I stopped at the food truck pictured above

 Devon Allman
His band

Son of Gregg, choose Uncle Duane's instrument,


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